Breaking Borders

Kid's aren't allowed in the wave pool.

Swashbuckling Shenanigans

Sailing across the high seas the party was set upon by a small group of pirate scouts astride giant eagles. These pirates were quickly dispatched and one of them, claiming to be a prisoner of the pirates was taken on board. An elf druid woman named Flexildan.

After some hostilities toward each other it was agreed that she could stay with them on their voyage.

A few days later however the party was once again attacked. This time by a group of pirates ready for a fight and a woman wielding a greatsword with great skill. During this fight the woman showed great prowess with this greatsword, driving Imlerith into unconsciousness. The battle was cut short however by the ship being rocked by a gargantuan creature. A multi-headed hydra attacked the ship and forced the woman to team up with the party in order to slay this powerful enemy.

After a fight that almost killed several members of the party the hydra was defeated in a final attack by Champagne and Flex’; a combination of a hurled powder keg and a well placed fireball.

Immediately after the battle the woman was confronted by Champagne. Realising she was outmatched the woman tried to flee by she was captured by the party after disagreements on whether or not to let her live.


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