Breaking Borders

Kid's aren't allowed in the wave pool.
Swashbuckling Shenanigans

Sailing across the high seas the party was set upon by a small group of pirate scouts astride giant eagles. These pirates were quickly dispatched and one of them, claiming to be a prisoner of the pirates was taken on board. An elf druid woman named Flexildan.

After some hostilities toward each other it was agreed that she could stay with them on their voyage.

A few days later however the party was once again attacked. This time by a group of pirates ready for a fight and a woman wielding a greatsword with great skill. During this fight the woman showed great prowess with this greatsword, driving Imlerith into unconsciousness. The battle was cut short however by the ship being rocked by a gargantuan creature. A multi-headed hydra attacked the ship and forced the woman to team up with the party in order to slay this powerful enemy.

After a fight that almost killed several members of the party the hydra was defeated in a final attack by Champagne and Flex’; a combination of a hurled powder keg and a well placed fireball.

Immediately after the battle the woman was confronted by Champagne. Realising she was outmatched the woman tried to flee by she was captured by the party after disagreements on whether or not to let her live.

This week on SURVIVOR!
Fuck this Island.

After a long rest the party returned to the stone circle to search for Celeste. They found her alone, battle-worn and in possession of a mysterious black orb.

They all returned to the surface and headed toward a moored ship in the shoreline. There they met Bragan, a Dwarf Sailor that offered them gold in return for slaying some of the meaner beasts that roamed the island. The party accepted these jobs and tracked down a shambling mound and a chimera.

After these two fights the party had earned there passage on Bragan’s ship and they all set off across the ocean.

Some Good Shrooms

After their escape the party followed the caverns until they found a large circular stone on the ground. Celeste, messing with the arcane stone accidentally teleported herself and Strong to locations unknown.

The party unable to rescue them continued onwards, hoping they may just be further in the caverns. Before they could continue however they were called out to by a half-elf. This half-elf turned out to be Imlerith a fellow prisoner. He joined there party and accompanied them through the caverns.

The party soon found themselves in a beautiful mushroom lit cavern populated by friendly Myconids. Looking to find a way to the surface the party was drawn to the stone pyramid in the centre of the cavern and after some investigation and communication they discovered they needed a medallion to activate the elevator.

Seeking the medallion the party travelled further into the caverns, encountering a Bone Naga and snagging some armour, weapons and magic items from fallen adventurers.

They continued down until they found a camp of Goblin. Through some fantastic stealth by Elfredo managed to sneak past the 30-something goblins, slit the leaders throat and steal the medallion without causing any confrontation.

Returning to the mushroom cavern the party went to activate the elevator. They were however stopped in the tracks by a rampaging Umber Hulk that burst through the floor of the cavern sending the Myconids into a panic. The party, working in great synergy managed to slay this Umber Hulk and gained the raving approval of the Myconids who bestowed upon them a series of magic items they had in their possession.

The party rode the elevator to the surface and found themselves on a small island. With the exception Rid who stayed in the under-dark to search for her next quarry.

Droolian Assblaster
Oh dear Oh my, we've been robbed!

Champagne, Elfredo and Celeste are taking some time off. Relaxing in a rented guild hall, they were met by a man named Julian Alabaster. After an unpleasant conversation where he regarded them with disdain he left accompanied by his two cronies: a large brutish Isvrandelsh Barbarian and a mysterious veiled woman.

Celeste and Elfredo decided to follow them. These two were both knocked out through various means. Several hours later, Champagne, growing worried tracked them down to a ship in the docks. She staged a rescue for them but was captured herself after a confrontation with the Isvrandelsh.

The party woke up in individual cells of a circular prison. After some antics the party managed to escape their cells and made a daring escape with the help of Strong McTuff and a new friend, a tiefling woman named Rid.

The party made their through the prison defeating cultists and cloaked individuals. They soon made their way to a cavern system but were stopped by a zombie Beholder. After a battle that threatened to kill Elfredo the party killed the beholder with a mighty slice that split it in two.

Who let the dog out?
What a circus!

Several weeks after the events of the dinner party, Elfredo and Celeste were hired to help hunt and slay a stray Hellhound in the forests around Harth. Accompanied by Strong McTuff, a circus strong-man, the party set off into the woods.

The soon met a group of unfriendly spiders and after some courageous battling were helped by Rahgnall Woodcock, a dwarven druid that lives in the woods.

They set off together tracking down this hell hound. They followed the hell hound to a fiery path of obstacles, including a Bullywug set of having some of their gold.

They eventually confronted the Hellhound in a moonlit clearing. They fought the hell hound fiercely, flames licking at their legs until Celeste defeated the Hellhound with a thunderwave infused kick to the Hellhound ribs.

Dinner and a Show
Check Please!

The night of the dinner party arrived and the squad rolled up. Decked out in their evening wear they entered the party in disguise passing a resting dracolich on their way in.

The party found themselves in the midst of a gathering of wealthy patrons. This party turned out to be a front for shady deals and slave trading. This was revealed when in the dance hall three prisoners were brought forth and offered to be sold or killed for the crowd.

The party snuck away and used this as a distraction to investigate the rest of the mansion. They have a few encounters with guards while they snuck around. Eventually being met by Marcimus Prime who made an astoundingly unimpressive entrance through the second story window.

The party soon found Gregor, the gnome that hired them initially. He was mid conversation with a masked man. Conflict ensued and the masked man made a grab for the crown they had retrieved before jumping out of the window and soaring away on his Dracolich.

The party interrogated Gregor, beating him bloody and breaking his legs. They scoped out his office and found a secret room with a viewing pool that showed them an underground city. They also found a long, dark room filled with gnome sized coffins.

The party son left, carrying an unconscious Gregor on their shoulders. On their way out however they were accosted by the shape shifter. A deadly battle ensued that ended with only Champagne left standing against the shape shifter. She was offered a way to leave with her life but Champagne chose to engage the shape shifter again on her own. She slew the shape shifter with a mighty throw of her greatsword as the shape shifter ran from her, slicing it’s torso in twain.

The Priest and the Beast
What lurks below?

Another one of Champagne’s mercenary jobs. This time she had accosted to give help to a temple that had been overrun by ghouls. Teaming up with Uptown Brown, a halfling bard and “The Shark” she went to the temple and fought her way down into the catacombs of the temple where a guarded evil lay dormant.

Not one to back away from a challenge Champagne released this evil,a Ghast, and slew it with the help of her party; acquiring a new magical sword in the process.

Hedge Maze
The Stone Dome

In the meantime, not wanting her skills to dull, Champagne began mercenary work and was hired to retrieve some magical seeds from a nearby Dungeon. She teamed up with three others: Two wizards named Zyaran and Greg, and a rogue named Marcimus Prime.

Together they set off for the dungeon, a large stone dome nestled in the Rootwater swamp. Encountering a group of drunk Gnomes that guarded the wharf to the dungeon the group convinced one of them to accompany them into the dungeon with the unspoken intent of using him as fodder.

Once inside the dungeon, the gnome, quickly realising what they planned to do tried to run. The party, to the disapproval of Champagne, shot an arrow through the Gnomes knee and threw him into the first room. He was killed shortly after.
Several rooms and several Gnome dismembering traps later the party entered the final room of the maze and began a confrontation with a mighty Piranha plant. With a mighty blow Champagne sliced its bulb in two and seized the treasure they had been sent there for.

Shortly afterwards the party went back to Harth, turned in the seeds and went there separate ways.

Following Footsteps
A fork in the road

The Party, following Elfredo’s lead on the Gnomes whereabouts decided to track down the gnome that sent them on their previous adventure. Their search lead them to an estate to the East of Riverglen.

After a brief stop in Greymarsh, the nearby township, the party snuck into the estate through the gardens. Sneaking through the house and dispatching a group of Kobolds by the front door the party confronted a Gnome sorcerer on the rooftop of the estate. After a quick exchanging of blows the Sorcerer began to bring the estate down from beneath their feet. Thinking his attackers could not escape he leaped from the roof and began to ride away on horseback.

The party quickly escaped the crumbling estate however and gave chase. The Gnome was quickly caught up to and a fierce horseback battle ensued. Arrows flew and fireballs were cast until Champagne launched her halberd in a rage and killed the Gnomes horse; sending him flying into a nearby tree and promptly breaking him in half.

In his corpse the party found a series of invitations to an upcoming dinner party and their next lead.

The Crown, The Cat, and the Cunt
Baby steps into the deep end

One way or another Champagne, Elfredo and Celeste made their way to the Alley Cat Tavern in Riverglen. While there the three of them were approached by a hooded gnome. He offered them a job to go into a nearby ruin and recover an artifact for him in return he would pay them a large sum of gold. Untrusting of this deal Champagne intimidated the Gnome, causing him to shit his pants in the process, and getting half of the promised gold up front.

The party, figuring they could just sell the artifact if they wanted to travelled to the ruin. On the way they met a group of goblins sitting around a camp-fire and overheard there talk of a strange cat that skulks around the nearby ruins. The party quickly dispatched them.

Outside the ruins the party encountered the aforementioned cat, a small sandy-blonde creature with amber eyes. The party convinced the cat the follow them although it was hesitant to be touched by any of them.

Making their way through the ruin, encountering gnolls and traps the party found themselves in a large stone room with blue fire barring the passage onwards. In the middle of the room stood a table with seven potions on it and a riddle. Using their wit the party solved the riddle and continued on through the ruin.

They stepped into a room lined with gnome sized coffins. At the end of the room, atop a great set of stone stairs laid a throne; a crown sitting within it.

The party seized the crown and were promptly attacked by a large number of skeletons. After a hasty battle the group stashed the crown and followed the small door they found behind the throne. They emerged within a small treasure room lit by a chandelier with dancing blue flames. In the center of the room, between the party and a large chest stood an enchanted set of armour.

Refusing the relinquish the treasure it guarded the party engaged the armour in combat and emerged victorious after dropping the chandelier of magical fire on top of the armour.

However, after this victory the party found themselves betrayed. The cat was a shape shifter, sent by the gnome to dispatch them after they retrieved the crown. The party, realising they were outmatched ran from the shape shifter and escaped the dungeon using the leftovers potions within the riddle room to teleport outside the ruins.


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