Breaking Borders

Who let the dog out?

What a circus!

Several weeks after the events of the dinner party, Elfredo and Celeste were hired to help hunt and slay a stray Hellhound in the forests around Harth. Accompanied by Strong McTuff, a circus strong-man, the party set off into the woods.

The soon met a group of unfriendly spiders and after some courageous battling were helped by Rahgnall Woodcock, a dwarven druid that lives in the woods.

They set off together tracking down this hell hound. They followed the hell hound to a fiery path of obstacles, including a Bullywug set of having some of their gold.

They eventually confronted the Hellhound in a moonlit clearing. They fought the hell hound fiercely, flames licking at their legs until Celeste defeated the Hellhound with a thunderwave infused kick to the Hellhound ribs.


TannerJ TannerJ

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