Breaking Borders

The Crown, The Cat, and the Cunt

Baby steps into the deep end

One way or another Champagne, Elfredo and Celeste made their way to the Alley Cat Tavern in Riverglen. While there the three of them were approached by a hooded gnome. He offered them a job to go into a nearby ruin and recover an artifact for him in return he would pay them a large sum of gold. Untrusting of this deal Champagne intimidated the Gnome, causing him to shit his pants in the process, and getting half of the promised gold up front.

The party, figuring they could just sell the artifact if they wanted to travelled to the ruin. On the way they met a group of goblins sitting around a camp-fire and overheard there talk of a strange cat that skulks around the nearby ruins. The party quickly dispatched them.

Outside the ruins the party encountered the aforementioned cat, a small sandy-blonde creature with amber eyes. The party convinced the cat the follow them although it was hesitant to be touched by any of them.

Making their way through the ruin, encountering gnolls and traps the party found themselves in a large stone room with blue fire barring the passage onwards. In the middle of the room stood a table with seven potions on it and a riddle. Using their wit the party solved the riddle and continued on through the ruin.

They stepped into a room lined with gnome sized coffins. At the end of the room, atop a great set of stone stairs laid a throne; a crown sitting within it.

The party seized the crown and were promptly attacked by a large number of skeletons. After a hasty battle the group stashed the crown and followed the small door they found behind the throne. They emerged within a small treasure room lit by a chandelier with dancing blue flames. In the center of the room, between the party and a large chest stood an enchanted set of armour.

Refusing the relinquish the treasure it guarded the party engaged the armour in combat and emerged victorious after dropping the chandelier of magical fire on top of the armour.

However, after this victory the party found themselves betrayed. The cat was a shape shifter, sent by the gnome to dispatch them after they retrieved the crown. The party, realising they were outmatched ran from the shape shifter and escaped the dungeon using the leftovers potions within the riddle room to teleport outside the ruins.


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