Breaking Borders

Some Good Shrooms


After their escape the party followed the caverns until they found a large circular stone on the ground. Celeste, messing with the arcane stone accidentally teleported herself and Strong to locations unknown.

The party unable to rescue them continued onwards, hoping they may just be further in the caverns. Before they could continue however they were called out to by a half-elf. This half-elf turned out to be Imlerith a fellow prisoner. He joined there party and accompanied them through the caverns.

The party soon found themselves in a beautiful mushroom lit cavern populated by friendly Myconids. Looking to find a way to the surface the party was drawn to the stone pyramid in the centre of the cavern and after some investigation and communication they discovered they needed a medallion to activate the elevator.

Seeking the medallion the party travelled further into the caverns, encountering a Bone Naga and snagging some armour, weapons and magic items from fallen adventurers.

They continued down until they found a camp of Goblin. Through some fantastic stealth by Elfredo managed to sneak past the 30-something goblins, slit the leaders throat and steal the medallion without causing any confrontation.

Returning to the mushroom cavern the party went to activate the elevator. They were however stopped in the tracks by a rampaging Umber Hulk that burst through the floor of the cavern sending the Myconids into a panic. The party, working in great synergy managed to slay this Umber Hulk and gained the raving approval of the Myconids who bestowed upon them a series of magic items they had in their possession.

The party rode the elevator to the surface and found themselves on a small island. With the exception Rid who stayed in the under-dark to search for her next quarry.


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