Breaking Borders

Hedge Maze

The Stone Dome

In the meantime, not wanting her skills to dull, Champagne began mercenary work and was hired to retrieve some magical seeds from a nearby Dungeon. She teamed up with three others: Two wizards named Zyaran and Greg, and a rogue named Marcimus Prime.

Together they set off for the dungeon, a large stone dome nestled in the Rootwater swamp. Encountering a group of drunk Gnomes that guarded the wharf to the dungeon the group convinced one of them to accompany them into the dungeon with the unspoken intent of using him as fodder.

Once inside the dungeon, the gnome, quickly realising what they planned to do tried to run. The party, to the disapproval of Champagne, shot an arrow through the Gnomes knee and threw him into the first room. He was killed shortly after.
Several rooms and several Gnome dismembering traps later the party entered the final room of the maze and began a confrontation with a mighty Piranha plant. With a mighty blow Champagne sliced its bulb in two and seized the treasure they had been sent there for.

Shortly afterwards the party went back to Harth, turned in the seeds and went there separate ways.


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