Breaking Borders

Following Footsteps

A fork in the road

The Party, following Elfredo’s lead on the Gnomes whereabouts decided to track down the gnome that sent them on their previous adventure. Their search lead them to an estate to the East of Riverglen.

After a brief stop in Greymarsh, the nearby township, the party snuck into the estate through the gardens. Sneaking through the house and dispatching a group of Kobolds by the front door the party confronted a Gnome sorcerer on the rooftop of the estate. After a quick exchanging of blows the Sorcerer began to bring the estate down from beneath their feet. Thinking his attackers could not escape he leaped from the roof and began to ride away on horseback.

The party quickly escaped the crumbling estate however and gave chase. The Gnome was quickly caught up to and a fierce horseback battle ensued. Arrows flew and fireballs were cast until Champagne launched her halberd in a rage and killed the Gnomes horse; sending him flying into a nearby tree and promptly breaking him in half.

In his corpse the party found a series of invitations to an upcoming dinner party and their next lead.


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