Breaking Borders

Droolian Assblaster

Oh dear Oh my, we've been robbed!

Champagne, Elfredo and Celeste are taking some time off. Relaxing in a rented guild hall, they were met by a man named Julian Alabaster. After an unpleasant conversation where he regarded them with disdain he left accompanied by his two cronies: a large brutish Isvrandelsh Barbarian and a mysterious veiled woman.

Celeste and Elfredo decided to follow them. These two were both knocked out through various means. Several hours later, Champagne, growing worried tracked them down to a ship in the docks. She staged a rescue for them but was captured herself after a confrontation with the Isvrandelsh.

The party woke up in individual cells of a circular prison. After some antics the party managed to escape their cells and made a daring escape with the help of Strong McTuff and a new friend, a tiefling woman named Rid.

The party made their through the prison defeating cultists and cloaked individuals. They soon made their way to a cavern system but were stopped by a zombie Beholder. After a battle that threatened to kill Elfredo the party killed the beholder with a mighty slice that split it in two.


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