Breaking Borders

Dinner and a Show

Check Please!

The night of the dinner party arrived and the squad rolled up. Decked out in their evening wear they entered the party in disguise passing a resting dracolich on their way in.

The party found themselves in the midst of a gathering of wealthy patrons. This party turned out to be a front for shady deals and slave trading. This was revealed when in the dance hall three prisoners were brought forth and offered to be sold or killed for the crowd.

The party snuck away and used this as a distraction to investigate the rest of the mansion. They have a few encounters with guards while they snuck around. Eventually being met by Marcimus Prime who made an astoundingly unimpressive entrance through the second story window.

The party soon found Gregor, the gnome that hired them initially. He was mid conversation with a masked man. Conflict ensued and the masked man made a grab for the crown they had retrieved before jumping out of the window and soaring away on his Dracolich.

The party interrogated Gregor, beating him bloody and breaking his legs. They scoped out his office and found a secret room with a viewing pool that showed them an underground city. They also found a long, dark room filled with gnome sized coffins.

The party son left, carrying an unconscious Gregor on their shoulders. On their way out however they were accosted by the shape shifter. A deadly battle ensued that ended with only Champagne left standing against the shape shifter. She was offered a way to leave with her life but Champagne chose to engage the shape shifter again on her own. She slew the shape shifter with a mighty throw of her greatsword as the shape shifter ran from her, slicing it’s torso in twain.


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